The Youth Builders Vision

Our vision is to encourage, empower and recruit the next generation of shipbuilders by improving their job readiness skills to become high-performance craftspeople in the shipbuilding trades.

Why Youth Builders (YB)?

The naval shipbuilding supply chain needs capable people who want to become builders of great ships and will reward them with high-paying careers and benefits to help students achieve the American Dream.

The Program is Based on Four Areas of Emphasis

Math Enrichment

Today's high-performance workers require problem-solving skills in both science and technology, where applied mathematics is crucial. Consequently, all Youth Builders who have a 3.0 GPA and have completed Algebra 2 with a B or higher, will complete the first math class (MATH 111) in The Apprentice School's World Class Shipbuilding Curriculum. All other Youth Builders will participate in math review.

"Youth Builders gave me even more of an opportunity and another foot in the door to get into The Apprentice School." - Karmen McKnight Senior at Heritage High School

Who can participate?

The Youth Builders Pre-Apprenticeship program is currently open to 11th and 12th graders at all public high schools throughout Hampton Roads who have an interest in shipbuilding careers.


  1. Improved job readiness
  2. Resume building experiences
  3. Pre-hire interview workshop
  4. Waived application fee

For more information about Youth Builders Pre-Apprenticeships, email us at